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Eltham East Primary School is a registered e-Smart School, promoting safe use of the internet and digital technologies.

We just have a few simple guidelines for everyone to follow to make it a cyber-safe and productive place for us to work.

No personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth or anything that is likely to directly identify a student will ever be published on the site. To make sure, all comments and posts are checked and moderated before they are published.


To protect our privacy, students using this blog site will identify themselves using their initials only. Do not enter your full name, we know who you are, and not everyone else needs to.

Teachers can feel free to identify themselves by their title and last name (e.g. Mr Smith). We request that teachers from schools other than Eltham East P.S. identify their school (e.g. Mrs Jones, Happy Valley Primary School).

Parents and other adults please identify yourselves by your first and last name.

Other than that, we just ask that all comments are respectful and constructive and are posted in the spirit of learning and sharing ideas.

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