Term 4 – Chatterboxing

Chatterboxing is a structured form of ‘show and tell’ which will help your child develop their confidence and encourage all students to share their ideas and opinions with the class.


At Year 1 and 2, children develop their listening and speaking ability by exploring the structure and features of spoken text. Children have the opportunity to focus on familiar ideas and information by preparing short talks that they will present to the class. Chatterboxing helps students to become confident public speakers, speaking clearly and fluently. Children will also develop their active listening skills by making relevant comments and asking clarifying questions to help the flow of discussion after each speaker. Children present on a fortnightly basis – a roster with each child’s day has been sent home. Please refer below for the Term 4 topics.

Chatterboxing Timetable – Year 1 and 2 Term 4, 2015

Week 1 and 2 :​ ​Environments
Describe an environment that you have visited while on a holiday. Information includes – animals, plants, weather, buildings, landscape. Draw and label a picture.

Week 3 and 4: Built and Natural Features
Create a table with the headings Built and Natural Features. Explore your local environment (home or park, etc) and complete the table by listing things that are built and things that are natural.

Week 5 and 6: Animal Study
Choose an Australian animal. Describe the animal and list the things it needs from its environment to survive. Present a picture of the animal in its habitat.

Week 7 and 8​: ​Saving Resources
Create an innovative work of art using recycled materials. Describe the materials involved, what the original use was and how it could be used in future.

Week 9 and 10: Celebrations around the World
Choose a country other than Australia and research one of their special celebrations. Present your information to the class.




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